Bethany Lowe Black Cat Soiree 2 Assorted

Black Cat Soiree 2 Assorted

Bethany Lowe Party Pumpkin Pals Orn 2 Assorted

Party Pumpkin Pals Orn 2 Assorted

Cat Eyes Jack-O-Lantern

Bring a little thrill to your home with this Cat Eyes Jack-O-Lantern. The Bethany Lowe Halloween collection has a unique style, with vintage collectibles that recall the celebrations of the past but also many special items of timeless charm.
They would look terrific when displayed with your other Halloween figures!
This Cat Eyes Jack-O-Lantern is the item TJ9521 from Bethany Lowe.
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  • Item: TJ9521
  • Name: Bethany Lowe Cat Eyes Jack-O-Lantern
  • Size: 12x14x15 inches - 30.5x35.638.1 cm
Bethany Lowe Designs Christmas

Artist Bethany Lowe designs holiday decorations with nostalgic appeal inspired by her love of antiques and life living on a farm in a small community in the Midwest. Family life included participating in mummers day Halloween parades, Christmas caroling, ice skating and horse drawn sleigh rides. Bethany Lowe loved to draw and sculpt even at a young age. Her first grade teacher was so impressed, he kept one of her sculptures to use as an example to show other art students over the years.
She has had the honor to be chosen on three occasions to make folk art decorations for Christmas at the White House. Her nostalgic holiday decorations are sure to delight anyone with an appreciation for antique and vintage style design.

North Pole Christmas Shop is partner of Bethany Lowe in UK and in Europe, with a great selection of their Christmas decorations and accessories.
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