1. Kurt Adler Christmas Decorations 2019

    Kurt Adler Christmas Decorations and Collectibles UK Europe 2019Kurt Adler is one of the world leaders in the production and import of Christmas decorations and collectibles.
    The Kurt Adler offer of North Pole Christmas Shop, this year is enriched with two new fabulous collections: Fabriché™ Santas and Hollywood Nutcrackers™.

    In addition to the huge choice of hanging ornaments (retro, vintage, sweeties, animals, gingerbread, coca-cola and many others) North Pole has ordered, to the delight of young and old, an incredible series of Santa Claus and very original Nutcrackers.

    Over the past 10 years, Kurt Adler's Hollywood Nutcrackers™ collection has been some of the most highly sought-after, popular items. Putting a "twist on tradition", Hollywood Nutcrackers is a collection of whimsical nutcrackers designed by Holly Adler that feature a variety of designs that put a unique, vibrant, memorable twist on traditional nutcrackers.

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  2. Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Village 2019

     Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Villages Collection UK Europe 2019Our Lemax for 2019 will include a big news for all the Halloween lovers: in September 2019 all the new Spooky Town Lemax items will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop website.

    Many photos and videos are already available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

    The Spooky Town selection for Halloween Village, will include all the new Lemax items for 2019 as well as many old items in limited quantities, making North Pole Christmas Shop one of the biggest Lemax supplier in UK and in Europe.

    A special mention goes to the Symphony of Screams (#85303) released last year exclusively for the American market, but finally arriving also in Europe, and to the Graveyard Party (#94488) with all its amazing animations and lights.

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  3. Lemax Christmas Villages 2019

    Lemax Christmas Villages Collection UK Europe 2019The Lemax order for 2019 has been placed. In September 2019 all the new Lemax items will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop website.

    Many photos and videos are already available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

    For lovers of Christmas and the Santa's Wonderland collection, some fabulous new pieces will be added to make your Christmas village even more magical.

    A special mention goes to the North Pole Tower (#84348) released last year exclusively for the American market, but finally arriving also in Europe. The North Pole Tower can not but be the favorite piece of North Pole Christmas Shop.

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  4. The Magic of Harry Potter is here!

    Department56 Harry Potter Village EnescoAnother wonderful entry in the offer of North Pole Christmas Shop: the incredible Village of Harry Potter by Department56 will be available this year on our Christmas Shop.

    The village of Harry Potter is a new release of Enesco for the European market, since previously it was only available for US.

    North Pole Christmas Shop is really proud of this new addition and happy to share this preview to its friends.

    Hogwarts’ motto — ‘Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandius’ — ‘Never tickle a sleeping dragon’, really is great advice…but what we’re tickled about is our new Harry Potter collection!

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  5. Possible Dreams are real

    North Pole Gate Possible Dreams Dept56North Pole makes the dreams… possible!

    The big offer of North Pole Christmas Shop is growing with this selection of Possible Dreams Collectibles by Department 56.

    For decades, the brand Possible Dreams has meant Christmas.

    With the creation of Clothtique Santa figurines years ago, they have produced high quality, innovative products for you. When you think of Possible Dreams now hear the bells of Santa's reindeer; smell the peppermint and cinnamon wafting from Mrs. Claus kitchen; tingle at the icy snow and cold on your faces; feel the warmth of a child's belief in Santa and the love of Christmas.

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  6. Katherine's Collection Decors and Collectibles

    Katherine Collection UK North PoleThe Katherine's Collection selection is enhanced with the new 2018 products delivered these days.

    North Pole is one of the biggest retailers of Katherine Collection Christmas decorations and collectibles in the UK and in Europe.

    There are plenty of news you can find on our website, from the elegant "Holiday Cheers" collection, to the joyful "Sweet Xmas", with all its caramelised products, to the classic "Night Before Xmas", with its purely Christmas colors.
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  7. Lemax UK Villages Collection 2018

    Lemax Christmas Villages Collection UK Europe Lemax Villages Collection has been delivered to North Pole and is available on our magical site.

    Create your fabulous Christmas village with animated buildings and Lemax characters for sale on our shop.

    Many products are available for your village with particular attention to the Santa's Wonderland series and the sweet buildings of the Sugar'n Spice series without forgetting Caddington Village. We are sure that the Lemax selection that we made will satisfy all different needs and tastes.

    One of the novelties of 2018 offered by Lemax is definitely the Elf Made Toy Factory (# 75190), the reproduction of an elf toy production line.<

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  8. Komozja Family Mostowski 2018

    Komozja Family Mostowski Glass baubles from PolandThe 2018 collection of Komozja Family Mostowski has been delivered to North Pole.

    Beautiful elements that enrich our wide selection of Komozja Family products, making North Pole a reference in the UK, in Europe and worldwide  for this fabulous brand of mouth-blown baubles.

    Komozja, the Mostowski family’s state-of-the-art glassworks, is a polish producer of the finest handmade glass ornaments. Komozja Family produces the highest quality glass ornaments using traditional methods of glass processing.

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  9. Christmas Couture Handmade Santa Claus

    Christmas Couture hand made Santa Claus North Pole Christmas Shop is always looking for the best products from around the world to make your Christmas Collection stylish and unique.

    In this tradition we are presenting a fabolous new brand of Santa to our customers, that will be available soon for preorder on our website.

    All these Santa Claus are handmade in Italy and they are pure pieces of art, which you will not find easily in the normal Christmas stores.<

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  10. Lemax Collection Christmas Villages and Buildings

    Lemax Christmas Villages Collection UK Europe

    A wonderful news for our friends and fans of Christmas decorations.

    In 2018 the Lemax Collection, with its splendid and realistic villages, becomes part of the great North Pole offer, because North Pole Christmas Shop is now official authorized retailer of Lemax villages for UK and Europe.

    Christmas is the most exciting time of year: thanks to your beloved Lemax village collection, it's time to go back to the Christmas spirit.
    In 2018, North Pole and Lemax have hundreds of new collectibles that we can’t wait to share with you.
    Since it's creation in 1990, Lemax and its collections have continued to grow into one of the world's leading and best loved village collectable series.

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