Diguel Spheres - Artistic Baubles Handmade

About DIGUEL - Christmas Baubles

The Diguel spheres are art objects for the home and special occasions: some people refer to them as Christmas baubles but their charm and scope to fill an empty space, exalting colour and harmony, make them authentic design pieces for enriching and accentuating your personal taste.
Every year, to coincide with the winter festive season, Elvira Di Guglielmo, the artist of Diguel, designs a new globe to add to the collection: first appearing in 2000, it is nourished by inspiration from the particular moment as well as by her artistic and personal growth.
These globes are magical objects: plays of light and Diguel decoration enable you to perceive the essence of creativity on their surfaces; you are drawn in and guided to focus on everything wonderful that you’d like to happen in your life or that of a loved one.
And that’s why giving a Diguel globe is not only an act of wishing good luck but is also a way to foster the artistic flair alive in every one of us!
Her wonderful spheres and other fantastic products are available on our shop.

NORTH POLE LTD is exclusive DIGUEL's distributor for United Kingdom and North Ireland. If you are a retailer interested in DIGUEL baubles please contact us.

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Diguel - Handmade Christmas Baubles

Diguel Spheres - Artistic Baubles Handmade