Komozja Family Mostowski Glass Globe with teddy and toys

Globe with teddy and toys

Komozja Family Mostowski Bringing Joy

Komozja Family Mostowski Bringing Joy

Hansel and Gretel boxed set


This Hansel and Gretel set is a wonderful collection in a wooden box hand-painted.
The box contains 3 different items, Hansel, Gratel and the Witch, which are baubles incredibily detailed.
These glass ornaments have been made in the tradition of the age old European craft of hand blown glass. Each piece has been sculpted with fine detail, silvered, lacquered, and then hand painted in the most exquisite, vibrant array of colors.
The final result is beautiful.

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  • Made of glass in Poland.
  • Item: 5172W01 - Hansel and Gretel boxed set
Mostowski Komozja Family Glass Christmas Ornaments

Innovators in Blown Glass Ornaments since 1945, Komozja Family Mostowski is a world leader in the production of Glass Christmas Ornaments.
Their baubles are made with heart - blown, hand painted and decorated. Each of them has a different secret. Each is a unique work.
NORTH POLE is partner of Komozja Family Mostowski offering their wonderful decorations in UK, Europe and USA.
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