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About LEMAX - Christmas and Holiday Villages

Lemax is a world leader in the design and construction of villages, facades, lighted buildings, animations, characters and accessories.
The villages of Lemax cover many different scenarios, from the village of Christmas (Santa's Wonderland) to Halloween (Spoky Town), from the classic Caddington to Carnival, the Sugar and Spice with its sweet characters and many others.
Christmas is the most exciting time of year: thanks to your beloved Lemax village collection, it's time to go back to the Christmas spirit.
Since it's creation in 1990, Lemax and its collections have continued to grow into one of the world's leading and best loved village collectable series.
Although traditionally the focus has been placed on Christmas villages, thanks to the introduction of new themes and new animations, Lemax collectors can now build their villages throughout the year and have fun decorating according to the season. But even expose a Christmas village for twelve months does nothing but increase the Christmas spirit and immerse your friends and family in the atmosphere of a magical place at the North Pole.
Once you start your collection with Lemax, you'll soon discover the excitement of adding new pieces to your village each season.

NORTH POLE LTD is LEMAX partner in UK and Europe and offers a wide selection of items produced by Lemax, with particular attention to the magical world of Christmas.

North Pole Christmas Shop - Lemax Villages

North Pole Christmas Shop - Lemax Christmas Villages

Lemax Christmas Villages for North Pole
Lemax Christmas Villages for North Pole