These conditions of sale govern the sale of products marketed on

All contracts for the purchase of products made on the website and on other sales channels (direct, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, eBay, other marketplaces) and services provided to the customer by North Pole are regulated by the conditions and terms of sale listed here.

Seller data

North Pole LTD

Registered office: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

Warehouse Operational: Flostream LTD - Unit 2, Blackthorne Point Blackthorne Road, Poyle, Colnbrook, Berkshire, England, SL3 0DA

VAT# GB 260 3162 40


North Pole Christmas Shop® is a, registered trademark of North Pole LTD UK.

Acceptance of the general conditions of sale

The contract stipulated between North Pole and the Customer is concluded with the acceptance, complete or partial, of the order by North Pole. The order is tacitly accepted unless otherwise communicated to the Customer. North Pole reserves the right to withdraw from the order at any time (upon full refund to the Customer) in the event of obvious errors or inaccuracies regarding the order in question (such as double discounts, error in the product price, incorrect calculation of shipping costs and the like).

The Customer declares to have read, understood and fully accepted all the conditions of sale, payment, shipping, data management for GDPR purposes, indicated below and on the relevant pages of the site.

The Customer, at the end of the online purchase procedure, must keep a copy of these general conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of art. 3 and 4 of the Legislative Decree n. 185/1999 on distance selling.

The Customer is not entitled to compensation for damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to persons and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order.

Goods and services provided

North Pole is a B2C reseller of Christmas items, tree ornaments, objects from collection for the home, decorations and products relating to Christmas, the Villages of Christmas, the Disney world, other holidays such as Halloween, Valentine's Day and other. In addition to Christmas items, food products will be offered for sale always related to the world of Christmas, such as, themed sweets, gift boxes, Christmas baskets and the like.

Beyond products tangible, digital products or services could be offered for sale, always typically but not necessarily connected to the world of Christmas, such photographs, videos, window displays, web development and more.

The products in sale on the site are purchased from third party manufacturers and / or distributors. The materials with which the products are made vary from glass, to polyresin, plastic, wood, metal, fabrics and others. Do not It is always possible to indicate the materials used to make the product as the information is not always provided by the supplier / manufacturer.

All the images and videos of the products, if provided by the manufacturers or if made by North Pole or by external collaborators, accompanying the relative description sheet or used on the site or on other platforms, may not correctly reproduce the characteristics of the product in question and may differ in color, size, accessory products.

North Pole undertakes to provide images, videos and information as closely as possible to reality, but cannot be held responsible in the event of discrepancies with the actual product. Any differences are never to be considered intentional or intentionally made. Normally the real product has even better characteristics than what is reproduced in the photo, as details and quality of the objects are not easily appreciated on the screen.

All information on the supplied product (dimensions, weight, color and the like) is to be understood as truthful and corresponding to the real characteristics of the product, except for unwanted errors.

Warranty compliance law

North Pole is liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the product and which occurs within two years from that delivery. The lack of conformity must be reported, under penalty of forfeiture of the guarantee, within two months from the date on which it was discovery.

Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that the lack of conformity that becomes apparent within six months from delivery of the product already existed on that date.

From seventh month following the delivery of the product, it will instead be the burden of consumer prove that the lack of conformity already existed at the time of delivery of the same.

The guarantee does applies to mechanical, electrical, electronic and moving parts. It does not cover defects resulting from improper use of the object or breakage due to external causes such as falls or improper storage of the product.

Guarantee of producer

Objects sold by North Pole do not offer a direct manufacturer warranty, so the buyer will never be able to retaliate against the manufacturer.

This guarantee it is voluntary in nature, does not replace, does not limit and does not prejudice or exclude the legal guarantee.

Power supply

Some products they can use batteries and / or be powered by electricity. Yup please always check the voltage and amperage required. For example, for products imported from America (such as snowglobes or the train of Thomas Kinkade), the typical voltage is 110-120V with a frequency of 60Hz, which is not the same standard used in Europe. Not necessarily the power supply supplied with the product is able to switch between 110V and 220V in automatic mode. In case we invite you to use a transformer of voltage, available at a shop stocked with electrical equipment or buy it online.

North Pole is not responsible for not using a US / EU adapter as well as the use of non-compliant batteries or changes made by the customer or similar behaviours that could damage the purchased product. No reimbursement to the customer is due in case of incorrect behaviour and / or use.

Supplier / Manufacturer of the Good / Service

The supplier of the product is normally indicated in the detail sheet of the same. So far as the product is made by North Pole itself, this information will be however provided to buyers.

The indication of place of production is not normally supplied but can be requested in case of necessity

Price of the Good / Service

The price of goods / services displayed on the site always include VAT (when due) while the cost of shipping is calculated separately in the check out. The shopping cart as well as the purchase document may show the gross price and the net VAT price of the product with evidence of itself. No tax is added to the product at the time of sale: it VAT breakdown is shown only for tax purposes.

Discounts and Promotions

On special occasions (eg Black Friday, Sales, special occasions and so on) North Pole may offer discounts to its customers. The discount could be applied on all products or only on certain categories. For example, some products have a suggested price that cannot be changed.

The discount carried out on a product absolutely does not imply the guarantee of receiving it same discount on a similar or other category or collection product.

The discount could be carried out for all customers or through the application of a discount code at checkout only for some customers (e.g. as a reward for a loyal customer, gift for order after the first and so on) but not is absolutely owed or guaranteed.

The discount comes made on the base price, the one recommended by the supplier if available or the one proposed by North Pole during the year. No price is increased during a period of discounts or sales.

No discount can be claimed in any case. No trading is done during the purchase phase, except in rare and exceptional cases.

North Pole yes reserves the right to change the discounts at will or to cancel / modify a promo in progress, without the need to provide explanations to customers.

Transport price

The cost of the shipping is to be paid by the buyer and is calculated by the system being processed check-out according to the destination. For transport abroad the calculation it may be excessive as it is based on a weight estimate volumetric. In case of excessive transport price (for example by countries overseas), we invite you to contact us to evaluate the solution together better (for example, the use of a different courier) for shipping. Any excess differences will be clearly refunded to the customer.

North Pole hasn't the obligation to provide an alternative for shipping or to prepare packages only for the estimate of the shipping cost.

Furthermore North Pole reserves the right to cancel orders whose cost calculated from system, is excessively lower than the actual cost requested by the courier. This clearly after sharing the information with the customer, with the which one will always try to find the best solution for both set off. In the event of no agreement and cancellation of the order, the refund of the product will be made to the customer.

For objects voluminous the transport price may necessarily have to be calculated at a later stage after check-out to get the correct price in based on the volumetric weight calculated by the courier. This implies that you order containing bulky objects cannot be considered concluded until the calculation the correct shipping price and the approval of the same by of the buyer. Obviously, in case of non-approval, the order will come canceled and the entire amount paid will be returned to the customer by North Pole, subject to any expenses incurred. No extra costs (for example for the customization of a box) will be charged to the customer without approval of the same.

The price of the shipping is included for orders in UK mainland (and exclusively in UK mainland) over 100 GBP. This does not apply to destinations that are difficult to reach reach (e.g. Northern Ireland, islands or remote locations). North Pole reserves the right to delete this policy at any time, without notice or need to give explanations. Clearly this does not include orders already placed and paid.

Unavailability of the ordered product

Except pre-orders, items for sale are always available in stock. It could anyway there is a mismatch between the quantities for sale on the site and those actually available to be shipped (e.g. wrong count, wrong inventory, damaged object then discarded and so on). Although these are rare exceptions, there is no guarantee that an item purchased is actually available.

In that case the customer will be notified and the decisions of the case to proceed to the customer's preferred solution, such as

  • Wait if there is the possibility of restocking the missing product
  • Accept a object of equal value in exchange
  • Receive a voucher purchase to be used later on the site
  • Partial refund of the value of the missing object
  • Full refund of the order with consequent cancellation

North Pole is not responsible for any problems caused by a misalignment error of the warehouse.

Methods of Purchase

Only the products present online (after checking the correct availability in stock) can be purchased. North Pole can support the Customer in the search for products not in stock or not present online, without any guarantee of success and consequent sale.

Correct receipt of the order is confirmed by North Pole by sending an email to the email address supplied by the Customer. Please keep it and refer to the Order Number for any communication with North Pole relating to the order in question. The Customer undertakes to verify, during the purchase phase, as well as upon receipt of the order confirmation email, the correctness of all data entered for the finalization of the order and to promptly communicate any errors to North Pole.

North Pole cannot be held responsible for any errors made by the customer (wrong address, missing house number, wrong email and the like) that do not allow the order to be finalized. In case of obvious error on the part of the customer and non-delivery, the transport costs will not be returned in any case. North Pole reserves the right not to refund the value of the products in case of loss of the package due to an incorrect entry of the Customer's data. This does not exclude North Pole and the courier from their responsibilities for the delivery of the package in case of correct address and non-delivery.

Waiver of Purchase

The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase upon delivery of the package by the courier. At the time of issuing the credit note, all out-of-pocket expenses for transport from the warehouse to the Customer's address and for the return of the package to the warehouse will be reversed. The products will be refunded net of all transport costs incurred by North Pole.

Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed different between North Pole and the buyer, payment is made through credit card, PayPal, debit card, bank transfer or other systems electronic payment, upon check-out. In case of payment in cash on delivery (service not necessarily offered), there will be a surcharge of the amount to be paid due to the costs of this service as well as the postponement collection by North Pole of the amount due. All transactions are guaranteed and protected.

Paper credit card or prepaid credit card

In case of payment by credit card, the shipment of the product will take place upon completion of the purchase order except in special cases in which North Pole reserves the right to carry out the shipment upon crediting of the sum due. The shipment is in any case linked to the technical packaging times of the package, as specified below, and not necessarily related to payment carried out.

All transactions take place on external systems (such as but not limited to: PayPal, Shopify, Satisfpay, Stripe) which guarantee maximum security in transactions so that the Customer has peace of mind that credit card data will not be intercepted fraudulently.

North Pole is not aware of credit card data, does not keep any credit card data or provide information relating to third parties.

The use of the credit card does not involve additional costs on North Pole Christmas Shop®. Any service costs applied by credit card circuit, are not attributable to North Pole and cannot be refunded.


In case of payment via PayPal, the product will be shipped to fulfillment of the purchase order except in special cases in which North Pole is reserve the right to carry out the shipment to the crediting of the amount due. There shipping is however linked to the technical times of packaging the package, such as specified below, and not necessarily related to the payment made.

The use of PayPal does not involve additional costs on North Pole Christmas Shop®.

Transfer banking

In case of payment by bank transfer, the data of the Iban will be communicated after the order. The shipment of the product it will only take place when the sum is credited to the current account.

The purpose of the bank transfer must include the order number indicated in the order confirmation email.

Payment by bank transfer is accepted only by some countries (UK included) and only in GBP currency. Any currency differences (e.g., in case of payment in different currency) applied by the Bank of North Pole, must be paid before the order is considered complete and accepted.

North Pole reserves the right to cancel the order in case of payment is not made quickly and the sum has not been received within 3 working days.

Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery, payment methods are not available on the site.

Payment in installments and pre-order

Except for the use of electronic payment systems, which allow the installment of the amount, automatically and independently from North Pole, payments in installments are not usually made.

Partial payments can be accepted before the arrival of the products in the warehouse or even on the available products, only in case of agreements between North Pole and the Customer. No obligation on the part of North Pole is due. If payment for an order has been made in installments once, North Pole reserves the right to refuse installment payments for subsequent orders.

In no case, the order will be processed (completely or partially), if the payment has not been fully completed. No exceptions are allowed. The products will be kept for the time agreed and in case of delays and failures on the part of the buyer, North Pole reserves the right to cancel the order and to withhold the amount paid until the time of cancellation.

In the case of pre-ordering products that will still be purchased for the following season, no deposit will be required from the customer but the guarantee of product availability will not be provided either. To ensure that the pre-ordered product is not offered for sale and can be purchased by third parties, the Customer must pay a reasonable sum as a deposit. This except for any unavailability of the product by North Pole, on the expected date of delivery, independent of the will of North Pole (for example product no longer manufactured or not supplied or similar).

Packaging and Delivery

Order fulfillment normally takes place quickly (a couple of weekend working days excluded) but, during very busy work periods (e.g. Black Friday, Promo, Christmas), order processing times may be longer. Please to take this into account when ordering. A date cannot be guaranteed an exact shipping date, nor an established delivery date. Delivery times depend on the courier and these too may vary according to the period and final destination. North Pole is not responsible for any problems (e.g. gift of birthday arrived late) caused by delayed delivery.

Delivery takes place by express courier or postal service or alternative carrier, in all over UK, all over Europe and the rest of the world. For more information see the Shipping and Transport section.

In case of serious problems occurred (e.g. non-delivery or lost package) on customer is entitled to a full refund of the expense made on the site. In case of minor problems (eg slightly damaged object) the customer has right to full reimbursement of the expense made on the site, only after the return of purchased items. In case of problems occurred to a single item on a shipment of multiple items, no shipping costs they can clearly be reimbursed. Any reports of objects damaged must be made immediately after receipt of the package. Do not Refunds are allowed for complaints made later (e.g. object purchased during the year but the package only opened as the period approaches Christmas).

In case the object is damaged and the problem is discovered during the packaging of the package, the same will be deleted from the order and the customer will be notified for make a common decision on the remaining material to be sent (e.g. refund of the single object, total cancellation of the order and so on).

Unless specific cases, the items already boxed are not opened and checked during the package packaging. The operation takes time and involves the risk of breakage of the object to be checked. Please do not expect the object to be verified boxed and / or packaged. Unboxed and packaged items can be verified by sample and through rapid visual evaluation. It cannot be guaranteed that an object is not originally damaged and that the thing is necessarily noticed when preparing the package.

Right to withdrawal

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the sale contract without being obliged a provide any kind of motivation. It must be exercised in the forms provided for by the Consumer Code, as described below.

Obligations of consumer

  • Communication of the intention to withdraw from the contract, therefore to totally cancel o partially the order
  • Return of the product or products

The consumer can withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days of calendar.

The period expires on the day on which the user or a third party, other than the carrier and designated by the user, acquires physical possession of the Products;

In the sale of services, the term starts from the conclusion of the purchase contract of the service.

To send the communication the consumer can:

  • use a model withdrawal form
  • submit a any other explicit declaration of your decision to withdraw from the contract.

The restituition of the product

The buyer must return the products using a carrier of your choice and at your own expense, without undue delay and in any case within the deadline of 14 days calendar from the date on which the e-commerce site was notified your decision to withdraw.

Please contact North Pole before returning a product for timing arrangements e shipping ways.

If the product is returned worn, damaged, visibly used, some of its missing parts or the original packaging and without any labels the refund will be denied.

North's Obligations Pole

Refund will come made using the same payment instrument used by the consumer for the purchase. If the customer has used the cash on delivery, North Pole will be able to however, repay by bank transfer.

Refund will come executed within 14 days of receipt of the notice of withdrawal. The refund will still be withheld until the product has been returned and its condition verified.

Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The right to withdrawal can be excluded in the following cases:

  • Supply of goods made to measure or clearly personalized
  • Supply of goods which risk deteriorating or expiring, such as food products
  • Supply of goods sealed that do not lend themselves to being returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection and were opened after delivery

Legal Disputes

The contract of sale is concluded in UK and governed by UK law.

In case of legal disputes with a consumer, the competent court to judge is the one where the consumer has his residence or domicile (always in UK).

In all other cases, the competent court to judge is that of London (UK).