About KOMOZJA FAMILY - Glass Ornaments

About KOMOZJA FAMILY - Glass Ornaments

Komozja, the Mostowski family’s state-of-the-art glassworks, is a polish producer of the finest handmade glass ornaments. The factory is placed in Czestochowa in Southern Poland.
Komozja Family produces the highest quality glass ornaments using traditional methods of glass processing. Their skilled craftsmen have taken many different challenges during their work.
Inside, the display of beautiful blown glass ornaments and the many awards Komozja has won over the years reveals something more—a commitment to excellence, hard work and artistic integrity.
The story is dramatic and inspiring, stranger than fiction—the timeless love of freedom, and the joy of art.
In the spring of 1945 as the Second World War had just ended, a devastated Poland was emerging from one of the most grueling episodes in her history—six years of Nazi occupation.
A young mother, Kazimiera Zjawiony, her soldier husband Wladyslaw Mostowski, her older brother Waclaw and their friend Henryk Kozak, a glass-blower, had lost everything during the war.
To establish a livelihood, they resolved to create their own glassworks business.
Komozja opened in the spring of 1945, the company name a combination of the first syllables of each of the founder’s last names: KO-zak, MO-stowski and ZJA-wiony.

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