Lemax Christmas Villages 2019

Lemax Christmas Villages 2019

The Lemax order for 2019 has been placed. In September 2019 all the new Lemax items will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop® website.

Many photos and videos are already available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

For lovers of Christmas and the Santa's Wonderland collection, some fabulous new pieces will be added to make your Christmas village even more magical.

A special mention goes to the North Pole Tower (#84348) released last year exclusively for the American market, but finally arriving also in Europe. The North Pole Tower can not but be the favorite piece of North Pole Christmas Shop.

Kringle's Cottage is just as beautiful (#95462) and is an absolute novelty for 2019.
To complete the 2019 news for the village Lemax Santa's Wonderland, we mention the Yuletide Carousel (#94525) and the Sugar Plum Bakery (#95531), two pieces that you can not miss in your collection.

As animations you should definitely watch the brand new Christmas Ballet (#95461), with its 3 animated musical scenes, and the new The Giant Wheel (#94482), perfect for your amusement park.

For lovers of the Caddington Village, more than 30 new buildings will be added to the very wide Lemax choice for this collection, such as:
Mulberry's Pub (# 95469), The Cookie Palace (#85363), Caddington Post (#85364), Chestnut King (#85384), Christmas Residence (#85389), The Nutcracker Nut Shoppe (#95493), Lawson Residence (#95500), Winter Haven (#95501), Bella's Bon Bons (#95509), The Fairthorne Inn (#95510), Crane Residence (#95511), The Secret Santa Christmas Shoppe (#95512).

We mention only a few but many others will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop®.

The facades will be enriched with four beautiful new pieces: Venice Canal Shops (#85318), perfect reproduction of a typical Venetian corner, Tuscany Hills (#85320), taken from a characteristic Italian village, Merry Christmas Market (#95471) and The Lanes - Arts and Crafts (#95472).

Many new accessories, table accents, figurines will be available as perfect accessories for your Christmas villages and not.

The big news from this year of North Pole is the addition in his selection of the Lemax Village of Halloween, Spooky Town, which we will talk about soon in a new post.

North Pole is official and authorized Lemax retailer in the UK and in Europe.

We are proud to be listed on the official Lemax websites: Lemaxeurope.com and Lemaxcollection.com, demonstrating the good work done and the excellent relationship between North Pole Christmas Shop® and Lemax.