Find out more about the world of North Pole Christmas Shop®

Find out more about the world of North Pole Christmas Shop®

Creating a website to sell Christmas products is not a simple thing. It is necessary to capture the attention of visitors, amaze them with impactful images, enchant them with particular and beautiful decorations. After all, it's like decorating a shop window at Christmas to make sure that the children stop and look at it entranced but also the adults cannot help but dream. The online sale of Christmas items, even with the advantage of being able to reach customers all over the world, has something different from any other e-commerce of non-Christmas products.

The quality of the products cannot always be understood from simple photos of the product and it is very difficult to convey the emotion of touching an elf or a glass ball before buying it. Yet this is what North Pole Christmas Shop® Italy tries to do. Share the magic and the Christmas spirit with everyone who visits the site.

We are pleased to take you to this enchanted world by passing through the entrance of our virtual shop, beautifully depicted here by our talented friend Rosaria, with a view of a world of other times. A unique and wonderful image that you will remember for a long time, as the distinctive symbol of North Pole.

North Pole is not just online sales. It is creativity, imagination, collaboration, initiative, mystery, magic, joy, warmth, home. In short, it is a world that embraces Christmas at 360 °.

This is also why we are always interested in new forms of collaboration, ideas to be realized together, new products to share with our visitors, Christmas art and crafts, chatting with travellers, artists, dreamers.

Do you have new products in mind that you would like to find on the site? Do you know brands that are difficult to find in Italy and Europe? Are you a producer of special Christmas items? Are you a manufacturing industry with which to create beautiful new collectibles together? Are you a writer interested in writing for North Pole? Any idea is welcome. We work together to ensure that Christmas can always be in everyone's heart and that everyone can return to see the world with the eyes of a little elf.