North Pole Christmas Shop® arrives in Italy!

North Pole Christmas Shop® arrives in Italy!

With the creation of North Pole Ltd in London in 2017, an attempt was made to create a reference point for Christmas enthusiasts, with the offer of many collectible products and Christmas decorations, not easily purchased at the points of sale.

The aim was to provide a wide choice of medium / high quality Christmas tree and home ornaments to meet the needs of numerous collectors in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

This also involved the search for products not easily available in Europe and purchased directly in America, where Christmas has a very rich and varied style, with bright colors and very eye-catching Christmas decorations.

The style that North Pole Christmas Shop® has tried to create and offer to its customers is a mix between European and American traditions, to satisfy the tastes of a different clientele, but always passionate about Christmas in all its forms.

After a couple of years, the offer has expanded with Halloween decorations, a very popular holiday in the UK, so Halloween villages have been added to the Christmas villages.

Where to buy Christmas decorations in Italy? North Pole Christmas Shop is your Christmas shop

In recent years North Pole has become a well-known shop in the UK but not only, with customers in every country of Europe, in America, Canada, Russia and even in Australia and New Zealand.

Clearly there was no lack of Italian customers, who have often asked to be able to buy the same products directly.

The advent of Brexit has complicated the sending of goods and increased shipping costs between the UK and the rest of Europe, which, combined with this continuous demand from Italy and southern Europe in general, has made it possible for him to see finally the North Pole Christmas Shop® Italy's light.

With the wish to bring the same magic of the original shop and the hope of giving everyone a little happiness and joy, with our Christmas decorations and all the other collectible products, we finally welcome you to our new site.

We take this opportunity to thank you all for the support given to date

Please report brands and products that you would like to find on the site. The offer is currently limited in terms of products and brands, but will expand over time and with your help.

Any form of collaboration is welcome. Feel free to provide ideas, suggestions and anything you can think of to spread the spirit of Christmas and the magic it brings.