Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Village 2019

Lemax Spooky Town Halloween Village 2019

Our Lemax for 2019 will include a big news for all the Halloween lovers: in September 2019 all the new Spooky Town Lemax items will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop® website.

Many photos and videos are already available on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel.

The Spooky Town selection for Halloween Village, will include all the new Lemax items for 2019 as well as many old items in limited quantities, making North Pole Christmas Shop one of the biggest Lemax supplier in UK and in Europe.

A special mention goes to the Symphony of Screams (#85303) released last year exclusively for the American market, but finally arriving also in Europe, and to the Graveyard Party (#94488) with all its amazing animations and lights.

Pick Me Pumpkin Wagon (#95444), the carousel Eerie-Go-Round (#84331) and The Mad Pumpkin Patch (#75172), cannot miss if your Halloween Village Theme is dedicated to the pumpkins and to the Trick or Treating: your children will love them.
If you love trains and clowns, and surely you do, the new Spooky Town train for 2019 is simply scary: the Crazy Clown Express (#94486) would be perfect for next horror movie of Stephen King.

The selection is so wide that we cannot list all the available items, but the website has been already updated and all the Lemax items are available for pre-order. Many clients have already reserved their unicorns for 2019. But don’t wait too much, the selection is limited, and some items will be retired this year. You will not find easily them in other shops.

We mention only a few but many others will be available on the North Pole Christmas Shop® We are sure that all the Lemax lovers, not only the Spooky Town fans, will appreciate this wonderful news for 2019.

Many new spooky accessories, table accents, figurines will be available as perfect accessories for your Halloween village.

North Pole is official and authorized Lemax retailer in the UK and in Europe.

We are proud to be listed on the official Lemax websites: Lemaxeurope.com and Lemaxcollection.com, demonstrating the good work done and the excellent relationship between North Pole Christmas Shop and Lemax.