Christmas Couture Handmade Santa Claus

Christmas Couture Handmade Santa Claus

North Pole Christmas Shop is always looking for the best products from around the world to make your Christmas Collection stylish and unique.

In this tradition we are presenting a fabolous new brand of Santa to our customers, that will be available soon for preorder on our website.

All these Santa Claus are handmade in Italy and they are pure pieces of art, which you will not find easily in the normal Christmas stores.
Italy is the country of the Art, where amazing artists were born and where around 60% of the world’s art treasures are keeped.

This ancient cultural heritage also flows in these wonderful christmas sculptures.

Christmas, Art and Mode: meeting of three passions.The same still alive in Luca Dell’Innocenti who combined them in a precious, sought-after and exclusive collection: Christmas Couture. Ideas and drawings take life, searching what is more appropriate in our beautiful land. Everything must be sublime.

The Santas we offer here are sculptures lovingly made by the artist Luca Bertozzi. He is one of the most talented and promising sculptors from Viareggio.  He is widely known for his realizations of the Viareggio Carnival and is also the creator of the Pinocchio sculpture shown at Expo 2015 along with other set constructions.
For each Santa he skilfully models the body, the many facial expressions, the hands and the shoes while exhibiting incredible attention to detail!  The suits are all hand sewn under the creator's meticulous direction joining precious fabrics, Eco friendly furs, embroideries, crowns, decorations and couture details.  Each figure is entirely unique, created by hand in the traditional way.  Each year will have its own designated Santa offered along with new limited edition figures that can be pre-ordered from us. 

Nothing is left to chance; everything is held together by the enthusiasm of realising exciting Santa Claus figures, that are completely ideated and created in Italy, precisely in Tuscany, the region of Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, from Tuscan artists. In addition, every collection is set and portrayed right in Tuscany where, between art and nature, the locations choice has no borders. Each figure is different, unique, because it is entirely created by hand in a traditional way.


Each year will be proposed, along with new limited edition figures, some glass ornaments mouth-blown, painted and decorated by hand by Polish master craftsmen, the very best for faithful reproductions in miniature.

To arouse emotions and express joy, to furnish and decorate any location with absolute authenticity, Christmas Couture is addressed to true lovers, collectors, for who researches magic and beauty… for who wants something more.