Katherine's Collection 2018

Katherine's Collection 2018
The partnership between Katherine's Collection and North Pole continues for 2018.

Many new items of the new Katherine's Collection have been ordered and they will be in Europe in September 2018.

As per their website "Katherine’s Collection continues the mission of creating a broad range of original products each holiday season"
North Pole continues the mission to select these products and make them available for our friends and collectors.
Katherine's Collection dolls and collectibles are handmade. Even watching their pictures you can see the quality of their materials.

Either if you are already a collector or you are thinking to become a new one, these wonderful items will add a precious value to your home, your office, your shop's windows and they will make wowing your friends and visitors.

North Pole has been credited as official retailer of Katherine's Collection and our shop is listed in their company's website. This is a great satisfaction for us.
To being one of the biggest supplier of Katherine's Collection in Europe, gives to our clients the opportunity to select among of amazing items from different available themes.
Katherine's Collection North Pole Official Retailer UK Europe

Discover all the beautiful products of Katherine's Collection on our website.
Meanwhile you can have a preview of some products that will be available for online shopping.
These items will be available for pre-order but feel free to contact us if you are looking for something else.